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In just a few years, Designed for Living has evolved from a small online shop, into a fully fledged design studio. 

Product design:

The founders Noor Meyjes and Jantien Nunnikhoven draw, paint and design the collections in their Dutch studio. Designed for Living’s designs range from wallpaper, lighting, fabrics to ceramics. 

During this years Salone del Mobile the design studio will launch and exhibit their first tableware collection in a whymsical, hand drawn nature theme. Designed for Living is part of the Dutch pavilion “Masterly” during the Salone del Mobile 2016.

Noor: “We embrace graphical prints and we love to apply a pallette of vivid colours. We always weave a whimsical, exotic, handmade narrative in our collections”.

Jantien: “Textures are very important to us. For this new tableware collection we opt for ceramics because pottery has so much personality to it and every piece is unique”. 

Noor: “With our hand drawn designs we want to bring your home to life”.

Interior design:

With a growing reputation for its creative approach, founders Noor Meyjes and Jantien Nunnikhoven provide a design services that combines flair and professionalism for truly original results. The team designs both public spaces (such as hotels, shops and museums) and residential homes- all in their vivid signature style. 

Noor: “We aim to deliver more than just the latest styles. We focus on creating the right atmosphere with originality, instead of simply subscribing to trends”. 

Jantien: “The crux of our designs is finding the right interplay between modern and decorative, while always using graphical patterns and vivid colours. But above all, we think an interior must be comfortable and have something fun and unexpected.” 

In their desire to design truly authentic, original interiors they always run the extra mile. Noor and Jantien love to customize bespoke designs. That truly makes their work special. 

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